One of the most common injuries seen by UK accident compensation solicitors, occurring at work, on the street and at home is an arm injury, usually caused by a trip slip or fall. Dependent on the severity of the injury and whether there are fractured bones, an arm injury can take a considerable period to heal, particularly in the elderly, resulting in the injured person being unable to use their arm for a lengthy period of time with occasional permanent disability. In many cases the injured party may be able start an arm injury compensation claim for damages for personal injury against a negligent 3rd party responsible for causing the accident.

If you have suffered from an arm injury, the first thing you should do is consult your doctor – this is not simply for medical advice as any injury will need to be well documented, if in due course it is to form the subject matter of an arm injury compensation claim.. If you feel you have a valid claim, you should then seek an accident compensation solicitors advice within three years of the accident. An arm injury compensation claim can be pursued on a no win no fee basis at no cost to the injured party. Financial awards may cover anything from compensation for loss of earnings, pain and suffering, re-imbursement of medical bills and expenses etc.

Circumstances in which you may be entitled to start an arm injury compensation claim include an accident at work due to your employer’s negligence, because of inadequate health and safety standards or because training & supervision was not consistent with minimum legal requirements.

An arm injury compensation claim can be made for a slip, trip or fall due to a negligent third parties actions in public or private places including shops, offices and residential homes. If the owner, occupier or public authority responsible for maintenance of the land or property on which the accident occurred can be shown to have been negligent in failing to fulfil their obligation to take care of public safety they may be held liable to pay damages in an arm injury compensation claim.

If you would like free initial advice without any further obligation just call a firm of accident compensation solicitors which will operate the no win no fee scheme.