What is Dog Daycare?
A doggie daycare is a facility that delivers look after dogs throughout the day, with dogs going home after the day is through. That is a great option for busy pet parents who must leave their dog alone for the majority of the day. If you choose your dog daycare, you will drop off your dog (or they come pick them up), and they spend your day playing, socializing, and learning with other dogs and staff. By the end of your day, each goes home and go to sleep. There may be many benefits to sending your dog to daycare, including:

Socialization with all sorts of dogs
No mid-day dog-walker needed
Exercise (a tired dog after work)
Basic Training
Separation-anxiety prevention
Reinforcement of potty-training
Pet parents might want to use a daycare during the workday, or even over a day where they are having a celebration at home or maybe have to get the dog tired out for the night time. The dog daycare industry has exploded, and there are so many selections. How will you choose a dog daycare? Here are some tips.

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1. Find out about each facility online:
Every facility will have different rules and operating procedures. Look over the FAQ’s and policies to see if they follow your look of pet-care. Learn about the ownership and management of the facility. Many doggie daycares are owned by people who have only animal care experience because they have got owned a pet. Figure out just what experience and training staff has. If staff doesn’t have certifications, you should be very wary. I help you to only choose a dog daycare with skilled staff.

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2. Browse the reviews:
Ask around town, at your neighborhood pet-shop, with your veterinarian to see if they’re familiar with the facilities. Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Instagram are also great ways to get to learn a facility better before you make the call. Check to ensure that clients are reviewing the business enterprise.

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3. Call and ask for a tour:
The very best day-cares minimize stress to the dogs by doing guided tours during limited hours. Your pet reaches daycare to play with staff and other dogs… never to be displayed as though at a zoo. Day-cares shouldn’t allow a non-staff member to connect to a privately owned dog. You will be liable if your pet bites, scratches, or knocks down a person apart from an employee. Through the tour you should ask to see both play area, and the boarding area. Select a dog daycare ONLY if you can see the facility.

Is there tall and strong airlock gates before all outside entrances to avoid escapes?
Do the daycare rooms have safety gates and airlocks so that dogs can carefully be introduced in a handled manner?
Is there fire alarms and extinguishers positioned in the facility?
Which kind of flooring is provided? All surfaces should be non-porous. Rubber is cushioned therefore more desirable than concrete or tile.
So how exactly does the facility smell? Could it be clean?
How will be the dogs?
Do they seem happy and playful?
Are any dogs fearful, or overly aggressive?
Are the dogs grouped appropriately, to avoid bullying.
Do staff manage the dogs appropriately, or do they disregard the dogs on mobile phones?
Go through the body language of the dogs. What do the thing is that? https://positively.com/dog-training/understanding-dogs/canine-body-language/
Do the dogs seem to be to like the staff, or are they moving away from them constantly?
What exactly are the boarding kennels like? Kennels should be professionally designed by a firm that specializes in them. Parts that can break, or any gaps a paw or head can slip through are a huge red flag. Dogs should not be in a position to chew parts of the kennel.
Double decker kennels are not safe, and very stressful for dogs. Your pet could jump or fall from a height, or be very anxious, caused by a dog who’s barking or jumping around above them.
How is the fencing? Fencing should be 6ft high or taller. Dogs shouldn’t be in a position to see over, or stick their feet or noses under fencing. A little dog could be pulled under a fence and badly injured. Fencing must be flush with the bottom.
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4. You can and really should ask lots of questions, to get an improved feel for the facility:
How long gets the daycare experienced business?
Have the owners owned a puppy care business before, or worked for just one?
What is the day to day routine for daycare? Will there be structure?
What is the routine for boarding dogs?
What’s the cleaning and sanitization procedure, and what chemicals are being used?
Are dogs screened before to arrive? How?
What exactly are the qualifications of staff members?
How will be the dogs managed? Do they use positive reinforcement training? Spray bottles?
What is the procedure for whenever a fight breaks out?
Are staff in the facility 24/7? If not, what hours are they there?
Will my dog have outside access or a walk?
What is the dog to staff ratio? 15 to at least one 1 is ideal.
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5. Enquire about cleaning procedures and disease control:
Daycare can be an environment where many dogs are interacting each day. Just like people, dogs can carry different diseases and illnesses. Staff should only allow dogs with proof vaccination into the building. If they enable you to slide, it means they let many people slide. This isn’t only illegal, but also unsafe. Many diseases aren’t covered by vaccinations. This includes parasites, viral warts, most strains of kennel cough, and even more. However, with safe standard sanitization procedures, this risk can be minimized. Select a daycare that uses a hospital grade disinfectant and cleaner daily. It is important that all surfaces be disinfected everyday following the dogs go back home, to reduce the spread of pathogens and keep a clean facility. Inside the daycare area, look for non-porous play and resting options. Beds and mats are porous, and should never be utilized. Plastic dog daycare structures and vinyl beds can be safely sanitized every day. Choosing a dog day care that is sanitary is vital!

6. Discover more about the care philosophy of the facility:
The very best establishments use positive reinforcement based techniques. Which means that they are using positive training solutions to use the dogs. This provides a safer, more dog friendly environment. Spray bottles, shake cans, and air horns should only be reserved for emergency situations, such as dog fights. Allowing staff to use punishment based techniques on your dog could cause your dog understanding how to hesitate of men and women or other dogs. If your facility provides board and train, ensure that the trainers are skilled in positive reinforcement. Never should an employee member be punishing your pet for normal dog behavior such as play, barking, or jumping up. Consider choosing a qualified fear free professional staffed facility. JUST CLICK HERE for more information. I would only choose a puppy daycare that uses positive reinforcement based techniques.

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7.Ask about emergency procedures:
Staff should quickly know what to do in case of an emergency like a dog fight or fire. Accidents can occur even in the most well run daycare. Staff should easily have the ability to tell you what they might do if your pet were to handle an injury.

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8. Is there live cameras? If so, watch them for warning flag:
Large groups of unattended dogs
Non-staff members interacting with dogs
Workers bullying dogs
Inattentive staff
Loose dogs wandering across the facility
Gates left open
Unsafe play groupings
Items not removed for cleaning at the end of the night time

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9.Select a dog daycare with a structured day:
The very best daycare targets what is best for the dog. The daycare is established to reduce stress, and maximize fun and safety. You must choose a daycare that:

Has a defined drop-off and pick-up range. Dogs coming and going all day long is stressful for all your dogs.
Encourages dogs to reserve certain days. Having dogs seriously set days allows them to create a bond with other dogs, and also have a far more predictable environment.
Offers a structured nap-time of 1-2 hours. All day long play is tiring, and dogs need some rest.
Has an outside area for the bathroom. It’s very stressful for dogs never to get access to your bathrooms area for an extended period of time.
Focus on your feelings:
In the event that you don’t feel just like you can trust the staff or owners, then don’t leave your pet! Daycare should be fun, however when mismanaged they could be an unhealthy or even deadly environment. Your dog is counting on you to help make the best choice.